DSC09843Here is where you will find quality resin BJD Fine Art Dolls in stock ready to ship by Bo Bergemann for sale. If you see something you like nab it quick as I'm always having trouble keeping stock on this website. Everything sells so quickly! I've also started putting up photos with min info. since a picture is worth a 1000 words because they are never up here long and we need room for the Japanese and Korean translations (Scroll down). We are actually working toward having different pages for Japanese and Korean soon.

So we keep words to a minimum. But we are happy to answer questions via email any time just
contact us. We are happy to help.

Artist Proof of Limited Edition Queen of Hearts by Bo Bergemann $1895 This doll is in stock ready to ship as shown to anywhere in the world. Layaway is available with a $300 non-refundable deposit.

Pasted Graphic

Sweet SwingCoat Blossom by Bo Bergemann $495 each (Sold) The artist proofs shown here sold. But you can pre-order a fullset like these in your choice of resin colors and outfits sets for just $395. The best deal discount is due to the wait of several months to receive your doll. Go to my Pre-Order website to learn more!DSC09856_2
We try to remove sold dolls and put new ones up. But there is not always time as they sell far quicker than we can make them. So occasionally we just mark them sold once they sell while we work to get more dolls done to put up. You can always buy on pre-order at to make sure you get in on this particular doll offering. The best prices are always available on pre-order and installment plans too!
Antique White version shown below.

Le Cirque du Soleil Ocean Ballet by Bo Bergemann $525 each or just $1445 for the compete set of three dolls shown.
These dolls come with stands to help make your display go off without a hitch!

Pay in Full Set of 3 Dolls
Amount at checkout $1,495.00 USD
Installment plan for 3 doll set
Number of payments 4
Start payments At checkout

At checkout$395.00 USD
Every 1 month (x 3)$350.00 USD
Total $1,445.00 USD
* We calculate payments from the date of checkout.

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Sweet Gypsy Rose by Bo Bergemann $995 (On sale for a limited time only as shown)
Sweet Gypsy Rose by Bo Bergemann
This lovely SD BJD Fine Art Doll is done in my brand new Milk Chocolate Resin color. She is a gorgeous dancer and poses beautifully. Comes with a stand and coordinated shoes. All photos were just taken of her dancing so she is not wearing shoes in the photos. Think Downton Abbey meets Bollywood meets the Fairy Realms.
Sweet Gypsy Rose
Unique and gorgeous wig on this one above. The other two below are also available just contact Bo at to request info. on either of the other two.
Sweet Gypsy Rose by Bo Bergemann Trio

Blue Hawaii Fine Art Doll quality resin BJD $995.00
Below is my Lavender sculpt in brown sugar resin tone. She is a MUSE MSD BJD body doll. So she has fabulous posing possibilities!

This little lady is made from
Addie Loves Piano by Bo Bergmann $395 The last of my adorable Addie 7" Tiny BJD Addie sculpt.
DSC04101_2 $ complete as shown and ready to ship!

Contact me with questions or for an invoice or payment plan.